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ScienceSource Collection

Comprehensive coverage of important science concepts
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ScienceSource Collection from NewsBank offers easy online access to thousands of article digests on life, earth, physical, medical, health and applied sciences. This comprehensive, web-based learning resource is designed to support today’s science curricula and to serve as a general reference tool for a wide range of researchers. The database contains tens of thousands of article digests from both well-known and hard-to-find scientific journals.

Digests from hundreds of scientific journals and magazines
Featuring Biology Digest from 1987 to the present, ScienceSource Collection is appropriate for a wide range of users. It offers digests that help clarify complex scientific concepts and provides important facts, ideas, results and conclusions from the original articles. The digests are based on articles from more than 335 scientific journals and magazines, and an archive of more than 30,000 digests enables researchers to track trends and developments. More than 7,500 new digests, reviews and articles are added annually.

New database enhancements
ScienceSource Collection now includes encyclopaedia entries that provide important background information on diseases, the environment, mammals, physics and more—for example, appendicitis, multiple sclerosis, solar wind, sunspots, bats, platypi, friction and motion. This helps researchers understand complex concepts and simplify the research process. It also now includes select full-length feature articles on topics of interest in the life sciences, such as medicinal plants, fungi, viruses, jungles, ecosystems and insects. Finally, biographies of notable scientists detail the histories and accomplishments of the men and women that have shaped the history of scientific research. Examples of biographies are those of Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras, astronomer and physicist Galileo Galilei, the “father of genetics” Gregor Mendel and theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking.

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