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UN Connections

Essential information on international issues and events
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In an effort to resolve conflicts and preserve peace through international cooperation, representatives of the nations of the world have joined together with their counterparts in a global deliberative body—the United Nations. UN Connections is a Web-based, full-text resource with current and archived information on the proceedings and actions of the United Nations as it relates to the international issues and events that shape our world.

Up-to-date news and information coverage
For current issues, UN Connections provides links to daily newswire reports about international issues from independent sources as well as the UN itself. Recent newsworthy issues that have been covered include:

    • Nuclear, biological and chemical terrorism
    • Peacekeeping and security
    • Humanitarian aid and food security
    • Women, children and population
    • Human rights, justice and democracy
    • Crime, corruption and drugs
    • Economics, trade and development
    • Education, science and culture
    • Health
    • Sustainable development
    • UN affairs

Historical archives
For the background and perspective needed to understand current international issues and events, UN Connections provides easy access to selected full-text United Nations Documents and Publications. Among the full-text documents are resolutions and decisions with voting records, along with Reports of the Secretary General. Full-text UN documents are added to the database monthly.

Links to other content online
Beyond, additional links to a UN Scholars’ Workstation, a Model UN Research Guide and a Model UN Discussion area are all consolidated on the single, easy-to-use interface.

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