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The NewsBank Difference

Teachers and students depend on the library to support their classroom curriculum and impact achievement. NewsBank resources provide:

  • Expansive curriculum coverage for every subject area and assignment
  • Ability for students to develop research skills
  • Tools to develop high-quality lesson plans that support classroom instruction
  • Direct connections from the Common Core and State Education Standards to NewsBank content
  • Multiple perspectives and diverse publications that challenge critical thinking
  • Current and retrospective content that connects the classroom curriculum to the real world

1. Primary Sources
NewsBank resources for schools enable students to study historical and current issues and events with comprehensive primary source collections from NewsBank and its Readex division. These resources bring history to life by providing your students with fully searchable digital versions of documents from the 17th through 21st centuries, including:

  • Early American newspapers
  • Current news media – newspapers, newswires, web-only content, transcripts, videos, blogs
  • Government publications
  • Imprints, broadsides and ephemera
  • Maps and other images
  • Sheet music
  • Books
  • Letters
  • Diaries
  • Poems
  • Manuscripts
  • Pamphlets
  • Sermons
  • Psalms
  • And much more...

2. Curriculum Support
To better support a wide variety of school curricula, NewsBank ensures that its resources align with the Common Core and State Education Standards, encourage critical thinking, incorporate diverse publications and perspectives and foster reading in the content areas.

Common Core and State Standards
Curriculum tools and resources must be aligned with both the Common Core and State Learning Standards to be most effective for learning. NewsBank resources provide:

  • Direct links from the state standards to NewsBank content
  • Online tools for lesson planning and student research and evaluation
  • Ability to browse or keyword search for standards on a given topic or skill
  • Valuable time-savers to help teachers and librarians plan their lessons

Critical thinking
Common Core and State Learning Standards and tests emphasize the ability for students to apply their critical thinking skills. NewsBank resources provide:

  • Online tools to develop higher-order thinking skills
  • Graphic organizers
  • Cross-curricular programs
  • Multicultural perspectives to challenge students to draw their own conclusions
  • Related topics to encourage students to explore and evaluate alternative topics
  • Links to standards requiring critical thinking

Diverse publications and perspectives
Every source of information in NewsBank products has the potential to provide students with various points-of-view to help them formulate and support their position on important issues. NewsBank resources provide:

  • A wide variety of source types to provide varied perspectives on topics relevant to every subject area—newspapers, periodicals, wire services, broadcast transcripts, historical documents, statistical publications, web-only content, blogs, video and more
  • Varying perspectives form local, regional, national, international and multicultural sources from all 50 states and over 200 countries
  • Primary source information
  • Early American historical documents and newspapers with full digital images

Reading in the content areas
Students must learn to comprehend and respond to content used in subject areas. NewsBank resources provide:

  • Programs in all subject areas for strategic reading
  • Content to support all reading levels and Lexiles to assist in finding appropriate information for each student
  • Graphic organizers to help students organize their ideas

3. Specialized Programs Support
Many of NewsBank’s news and information resources support various specialized programs. These include Model UN Programs, International Baccalaureate Schools, Advanced Placement programs and more. Some of NewsBank’s products that support these specialized programs are:

4. Current Events
In addition to the valuable content in these curriculum support resources, NewsBank offers Special Reports, Daily Headlines/Activities, Hot Topics and more. Provided by NewsBank experts, who extensive review and index a wide variety of sources and identify articles of high research value, these enable both students and teachers to quickly and easily find information that is both current and important and that helps extend students’ learning beyond the classroom.

5. Teacher and Librarian Tools
NewsBank products provide easy access to a Training and Resource Center full of valuable information, tools, documents, maps and more so students learn how to analyze, organize, synthesize and apply the information they access. Online graphic organizers and project planners guide students through the research process by helping them to:

  1. Choosing a research topic
  2. Evaluating sources
  3. Taking notes
  4. Planning search strategies
  5. Citing sources
  6. Presenting research effectively

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