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Schools in the United Kingdom and Ireland

NewsBank serves schools and school libraries in the U.K. and Ireland with a variety of products, including newspaper, curriculum support and specialized resource products.

Newspaper Resources
NewsBank is the leading provider of Web-based access to the full-text, complete electronic editions of more than 2,000 newspapers published around the world. School libraries can provide students and teachers with unlimited, 24/7 Web-based access to not only local newspapers, but also titles across the state or region, the entire nation or countries around the world.

Curriculum Support
NewsBank supports school curricula through a variety of educational resources comprised of information from newspapers, wire services, magazines and journals, broadcast transcripts, historical documents, government publications, abstracts and much more. Articles are carefully selected for their research value, and they are indexed with familiar terms. This, in addition to intuitive interfaces, helps students find information relevant to their studies and research through browsing and searching.

Specialized Resources
Through NewsBank, schools can offer students and teachers several resources that are rich in content specific to their various areas of interest. These specialized resources may be cross-searchable with NewsBank’s newspaper collections and share the same interface, or they may be searchable independently.

  • UN Connections—essential information on international issues and events

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