NewsBank Resources for Elementary Schools in the United States

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Elementary Schools in the United States

NewsBank, a leading provider of information products, provides resources for busy teachers to use in their classroom to implement and instruct the Common Core Standards. NewsBank’s KidsPage was designed for grades 1-6 to promote the development of critical thinking and reading comprehension skills.

NewsBank products for U.S. elementary schools:

  • Target key subject areas, departments and the needs of teachers
  • Support the Common Core Standards
  • Increase technology use in the library, computer labs, classrooms and at home
  • Support your school curriculum
  • Fit your budget
  • Benefit more teachers and students
  • Saves time

Curriculum Support
NewsBank supports the school curricula through a graphically-oriented web-based  resource containing information from age-specific magazines as well as other news media.  It is accessible through an easy-to-use interface to help students with computer literacy.

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